Online Personal Training

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Online Personal Training

By Ash Training Nutrition


What You Get

Custom Meal Plan

You will receive a 7 day meal plan personalised to you. This will be reviewed and changed weekly.

Tailored Training

Workout programming personalised to your lifestyle, goals, body type and more updated monthly.

24/7 Support

24/7 contact with me through Email, Instagram, and text, for any questions, concerns, or advice.

Weekly Check Ins

Your progress will be monitored weekly, where training, nutrition, and measurements will be reviewed.

1 On 1 Guidance

Detailed information explaining the reasoning behind the programming for you, and educating you further on fitness.


Advice and guidance on the best supplements to be taking in order to support your goals, without wasting your money.

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

Client Consultation

Upon purchase, you will recieve a client details questionnaire to fill out. This allows me to customise the plan to your needs, lifestle, and body type. We will also arrange the first of our check ins, to discuss the best direction to take in order to achieve your transformation as effortlessly as possible.


Once the questionnaire has been returned to, I will begin work on creating your plan whilst keeping you updated. Everything will be 100% tailored to you for the best personal training results possible.


You will then recieve the full workout program and meal plan via email within 3 working days, along with our first check in going over everything planned and how we will move forward. This contact will recur weekly for the client check ins in the form of written or video feedback, or phone call, or skype, ensuring we are making the best and fastest progress we can!

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Tailored To Achieving Your Goals

All of the ongoing workout programming, adjustable meal plans and coaching you receive are completely tailored to you.

With your goals, lifestyle, bodytype, and more in mind, everything will be geared towards maximising the results you see.

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Weekly check ins and 24 7 contact with online coaching

Weekly Check Ins & 24/7 Contact

Throughout the period of your online coaching, you will have absolute priority contact with me. Any questions that come up at any time can be sent to me through your preferred contact method, and I will be there to answer.

Weekly check ins will be arranged to ensure your progress is on track, and discuss what we will do going forward.

Custom Workout Programmes

Periodised training programmes completely customised to you will be used in order to maximise the results you see.

What you are doing will change regularly to keep things in the gym fresh, while building up your training experience, knowledge, and expertise.

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Personalised Meal Planning

Your meal plan will not only tell you what to eat in order to live a healthy life and achieve your goals in a sustainable (and enjoyable) way, but will also educate you on why you are eating what is planned for you.

The plan will be regularly changed and adjusted when necessary based on the progress we are seeing, along with how you are enjoying the meals you currently have. Food preferences will be taken into account.

Choose the perfect plan

With my online coaching plans, we will be working 1 on 1 with fully personalised programming and regular contact to get you to your goals as quickly and easily as possible!

If you are ready to put in the work, then you are ready to work with me.

Monthly Coaching

  • Custom Workout Plan Adjusted Each Month
  • Custom Meal Plan Adjusted Weekly
  • Weekly Check Ins & 24/7 Contact
  • Tailored To Your Goals

3 Month coaching

  • Custom Workout Plan Adjusted Each Month
  • Custom Meal Plan Adjusted Weekly
  • Weekly Check Ins & 24/7 Contact
  • Tailored To Your Goals

nutrition coaching

  • Weekly Check Ins & 24/7 Contact
  • Education & Support On Reaching Goals
  • Custom Meal Plan Adjusted Weekly
  • Tailored To Your Goals

Other options can be arranged – Contact to find how we can work together.

Not Ready For A Full Coaching Commitment?

No problem! Try a customised meal plan or a workout programme fully tailored to you.
You can then upgrade (or not) at any time to a full personal training package.

Got Questions?

Click below to contact Ash with any questions or concerns. I aim to reply to all contact within the same day.

Alternatively, email