Daily Protein Intake Calculator

Free Daily Protein Intake Calculator

Whether you’re trying to build muscle, improve your strength and performance, or maintain optimal health, getting the right amount of protein is crucial.

With so many options for keeping track of your daily protein intake available for free, it is a no-brainer for anybody who cares about reaching their health and fitness goals.

The ideal amount of protein will vary depending on many factors including your goals, experience, and weight, so getting started can be tricky.

Use the completely free calculator below to find out exactly how much protein you should eat to build muscle, improve performance, or maintain health.


What To Do Next?

Consistently eating your ideal level of protein per day is a great starting place regardless of your health and fitness goals.

However, it is not the last step by any means.

Yes, eating adaquate protein will help to support strength and muscle growth, but only if the body is being given an appropriate system through a regular training programme.

If your training isn’t right, then you won’t see the results.

Weight loss is a similar story – if you are eating the right amount of protein to support muscle retention while losing weight, but aren’t eating in a calorie deficit, then you won’t be losing weight.

So with this in mind, if you need further support in achieving your goals and advice on the next steps, check out the free advice over on the blog.

Alternatively, if you are struggling to see the results you want but don’t know why, then get in touch with me here.

I will personally respond and see how we can work together to get you in the best shape of your life.